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Listing submission deadline:
Atlantic Legal Telephone Directory 2015-16 listing submission deadline: April 8, 2015
Alberta Legal Telephone Directory 2015-16 listing submission deadline: May 20, 2015
British Columbia Legal Telephone Directory 2016 listing submission deadline: August 5, 2015
Ontario Lawyer's Phone Book 2016 listing submission deadline: September 3, 2015
Canadian Law List 2016 listing submission deadline: October 8, 2015
Product Availability:
Atlantic Legal Telephone Directory 2015-16: week of June 15, 2015
Alberta Legal Telephone Directory 2014-15: week of August 11, 2014
British Columbia Legal Telephone Directory 2015: week of October 20, 2014
Ontario Lawyer's Phone Book 2015: week of December 8, 2014
Canadian Law List 2015: week of February 17, 2015
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